The Wishlist of Sarah Killian
Last Updated 12/15/2016

Smaller is generally better. Used is fine. Links are mere suggestions.

Random Stuff

A gift certificate for a professional massage
Snorkeling gear
Gift certificates for stores (Trader Joe’s, Target, Costco)
A double occupancy ocean kayak (used fine) and space in SoCal to store it

Hair Straighter

Disk Golf Putter

Touch lamp

Camping gear

A chest of drawers.

Bed frame that fits a queen sized mattress (delivered to Tulsa)

Pampered chef items –kitchen knives if mailed to Tulsa


A nice belt to wear with jeans

Clothing/accessories from one more fashionable than I

Dress pants or tops (size 16)
Cute full brim hat
Iguanamed Unisex scrubs (color: blue or grey)
A layering accessory (black or neutral colors) 

Car Stuff

Car wash tickets for free car washes for places available in Tulsa


Scuba diving either local or abroad (equipment and divemaster to accompany)- I’m already scuba certified

Trip on a cruise with you and or other family member

Giving to those less fortunate than oneself such