The Wishlist of Doyle Bowers
Last Updated 11/27/2016

Note: Please, no shirts this year, closet is still full

Set me up to sell things on e-bay

Jar of Cashew nuts. And/or mixed nuts (no peanuts) from Costco $14.

Box or can of Macadamia nuts

Dunkin Donuts Regular ground Coffee, 40 oz. pkg. Sams Club, $16

Dunkin Donuts Regular or Decaf ground Coffee, 12 oz. $8, grocery store

Gavelia ground coffee, Regular or Decaf 12 oz. package, Von’s

Red wine $8-$20

Bottle of white wine (Costco or Vons Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc) ($13). on line; Chino, elastic waist casual pants, colors: Khaki, or Classic Navy, black

Men’s hat:  Packable Fedora Hat; polyurethane synthetic straw, color toast, size medium;

Tennis Shoes, New Balance Motion Control, #1540v2, size 11, white or black, $119-$149

Air Force Cap,


Six piece screwdriver set, Craftsman, flat blade

Wood drill bits, spade type, Home Depot SKU 808-895, or Bosh SKU 734445

Skill saw blades, Diablo 40 tooth, 7 or 71/2 inch, Two pack, Home Depot SKU 793-618

Angle Grinder blades, 4 inch: for metal $4, SKU 251-786; for concrete SKU

Jig saw blades

2 pack diablo 40 tooth skill saw blades

Set of three wood chisels,

Battery powered driver for drywall screws

2 pack 4” or 41/2” Grinder blades for concrete, Mikita

Regular pliers